Who We Are

Luxury attracts wealth. Prestige attracts power.

Both of these qualities hinge on the details - get them right and you're gold. Get them wrong and risk your brand.

We believe your digital club must be every bit as prestigious and luxurious as your physical club to capture and keep the kind of members you want.

Albatross is a group of strategic, creative golfers focused on presenting your club to the world exactly as it should be -
with every detail perfected.

What We Do

  • Photography

    The key to all great websites and social media profiles are images. You need modern photography to come in and showcase every facet of your club in the highest definition.

  • Videography

    We all have a commercial in mind that has changed the way we feel about a brand. We can make that for your club. We also do course tours, club promos, and more.

  • Web Design

    The success of a business unequivocally hinges on their website. A good website enhances a brand, a bad one taints it. We ensure you have good one with everything from custom builds to touch-ups.

  • Brand Development

    As meticulous as greenskeepers are about the greens, we are that meticulous about branding. Every small detail adds up to a brand identity, and we will build or hone your brand identity to perfection.

  • Print Media

    We use a research-focused approach to print design for maximum impact. We can do scorecards, brochures, and much more - all with your branding in mind.

  • Social Media

    It’s king, it’s without age, it’s word of mouth for the 21st century. We will help you build, maintain and grow your brand on the platforms we choose for maximum leverage.

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